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Dave Osborne established DAO Advisors in 2017 to advise Presidents of single-family offices and their respective families. His prior role was President of CYMI, Ltd., the Mathile family office from 2007 until November 1, 2018. He is now Senior Advisor to the Mathile family which includes joining the Board of Advisors. He will also continue as a member of CYMI’s Investment Committee.

Dave uses his extensive experience as a strategic advisor and thought partner to advise other leaders of single-family offices and families where he offers key critical leadership in this highly unique and devoted role.

Dave’s leadership as President of CYMI as resulted in the office being recognized in the single-family office space of family office with net worth exceeding $1 billion. The office is known for its operational best practices, its focused client-centric service model, its approach to technology and security, and its leading-edge investment approach. CYMI is also held in high regard for its support of the several transitions in Generational Leadership in the Mathile family and the respective family office and its continued investment in talent development through coaching and training.

At CYMI, Dave was ultimately responsible for the family’s financial health and wellness by ensuring the office remained in alignment with the family’s Values and Beliefs. Dave is also involved with several organizations in the single-family office space and can offer his context and perspective gained in the past 11+years.

Dave has been working with families his entire career. Born a G4 in the Osborne family based in Cleveland, Ohio, Dave’s great-grandfather, Frank Osborne, started the Youghiogheny & Ohio Coal Company in 1902. The company was sold in 1978.


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My values and beliefs are a reflection of my influence and leadership during my business career.
As a wealth management advisor and thought partner, I approach each assignment in a professional manner realizing each relationship is unique in its very nature. We listen openly and actively in an impartial and non-judgmental manner. We focus on the alignment of services for each family. We provide options and recommendations which allow clients to make their best decisions. Every relationship is kept in strict confidence.

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